Situations When You Might Need Advice

Throughout your lifetime, you’ll be faced with situations that may require helpful advice from an experienced professional. I seek to serve as a resource for your investment and financial needs, guiding you through the various financial milestones in life.

The following are occasions when you may need advice:

  • Birth/adoption of a child
  • Funding a child's or grandchild's education
  • Funding of long-term care for yourself or a relative
  • Employment change
  • Significant change in employee benefits
  • Income change
  • Death, long-term illness, or disability of a close relative
  • Retirement (actual or approaching)
  • Purchase or sale of real estate
  • Concerns regarding estate taxes
  • Considering a sizable gift or gifting program
  • Interested in a charitable bequest
  • Concerned about supplementing Social Security Income
  • Any situation where you would just want to talk or get a second opinion

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above topics please call me to schedule your review. If you know of anyone else who might benefit by talking to me please let me know.