Services for Women

Women tend to be an underserved demographic when it comes to financial and investment services. Over the years, the demographic has shifted and more women are managing assets, whether their own or their family’s. As women start to manage their money, they may be faced with a number of new decisions they aren’t sure how to address and they may be in need of an advisor for guidance and objective advice.

I understand that women may have different financial strategy needs than men. When a woman is looking for a financial advisor, often she’s looking for someone who takes her finances, attitude towards risk, and values all into consideration. Additionally, rather than focus directly on a single solution, many female investors want to work closely with an advisor who uses a holistic approach, taking the time to determine and discuss multiple opportunities available.

With the goal of helping women align their values and goals with their investments, I strive to develop comprehensive investment and financial strategies that help them build their assets while managing risk. Whether a woman is looking to build her wealth, is experiencing a divorce, or has recently become a widow, my goal is to provide objective advice and solutions that may help them make appropriate financial decisions with which they feel comfortable and confident.

As an active member of the Ladenburg Institute of Women & Finance, an organization dedicated to providing education and networking support to female independent advisors, I stay up-to-date on the latest trends and resources for women investors. Whether a woman is looking for a second opinion on her retirement strategies or help building a portfolio, I can help.